Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Me and anti-Me go for an outing. It is a wonderful evening, and yet I am not cheerful. I am not my real self, at least for the time being. I look at the evening sky. It will soon be dark and the reddish-yellow hue will dissolve into a solid darkness. And there is no sign of moon tonight.

Me: What a wonderful evening I say!

Anti-Me: {}

Me: Why? What's the matter? Don't you appreciate the golden dust? And those lovely birds set for their homes?

Anti-Me: Not quite...

Me: And the Sun's fading brilliance? Nice breeze, isn't it?

Anti-Me: I am sad...

Me: And may I ask, why?

Anti-Me: The Sun is about to set. And there will soon be dark everywhere. That's why.

Me: Well?

Anti-Me: Well what? Don't you feel sad at this prospect? The bright day is going to end, isn't it?

Me: Yeah, I know. But I am not sad...! Not at all sad.

Anti-Me: {}

Me: I am happy that soon somewhere the Sun will rise, and take the darkness away from those people who will see it.

Anti-Me: But what about the darkness falling here?

Me: Well, it's a cycle - come tomorrow, and it will be gone. Won't you welcome the rising Sun then?

Anti-Me: Yes, I shall. I shall indeed...

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