Friday, June 16, 2006

Who's who?

When I was in junior college, a lot of my friends would say that I looked like Pete Sampras. I do not know why they felt like that, but I guess thick eyebrows helped. And so did my playing style (not that I played Tennis, but I used to play any damn game: basketball, cricket, squash, football, badminton and of course volleyball) I desperately hoped that it was not because of the way Sampras showed his tongue-out-of-cheek expressions during matches. I guess, I never did something like that!

I personally feel that Sampras looks very much like Hansie Cronje. Don't believe? Take a close look:

I have a strong urge to attach my own picture here too, but I'll let it pass!

Another striking similarity I find is again with resepct to a famous Tennis player. None other than the current World No 1 Roger Federer. Here it goes:

who's the superstar on the left? You guessed it right! Antonio "Zorro" Banderas.

Amazing how similar these faces look! Another example goes here:

If you know more such examples, let me know!

Anybody thinks Cruise-Beckham look (almost) alike?

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