Friday, June 16, 2006


England won what could be termed as issue-of-prestige battle against Trinidad and Tobago. It was clear from the statistics what the Caribbean country had in mind: not to allow a goal at any cost. They hardly bothered to try to score a goal themselves. An approach that can be compared to outside-the-leg bowling tactics in Test Cricket.

England, however had their chances. Lampard was looking off colour yesterday, and overall, the shoulders seemed to drop when Rooney was sent on field. More than Rooney I thought it was Lennon who brought in enormous energy to the English side.

And finally the efforts paid off: T&T could not have held them more than that duration, even after winning favour of the Luck God.

The moment of the match came not when Crouch cool headedly headed the accurate feed from Beckham into the net, nor when Gerrad's powerful kick found haven inside the goal, but when John Terry thwarted the attempt at English goalpost. It was a terrible mix-up, with Robinson the 'keeper nowhere in the frame, the ball right on the target towards the goal, and John Terry arrives at the scene out of nowhere. He flies in the air and clears away the ball. The whole drama lasted for about three seconds. I would call it the best save I have ever seen live!

Here is a photo that tries to capture the heroics:

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