Friday, May 05, 2006


The summer is here! Well, it has been here for more than a month now, and the soft-drink war is at its maximum temperature. Who else, but the TV viewers are feeling the heat!

A couple of pearls of wisdom I picked up during lunch table conversation -

- Pizza Hut is endorsed by Pepsi. Domino's is by Coke. Now, the Pizza Hut - Domino's rivalry is well known. Within hundred metre radius of a newly opened Pizza Hut, a Domino's pizza outlet can be seen to have come up. It is sight of contrast that Pizza Hut has a waiting queue as against empty Domino's round the corner. Hence, the wise would not like to ask for Pepsi when in Domino's!

- Dew, (another soft drink) which is from Pepsi group takes on Sprite (from Coke group) in what can be called as an aggressive advertising campaign. The Sprite Clear Hein and the No Gyaan ventures are well known.

Useless knowledge that, if given a second thought. But it goes well with an equally uninteresting food which we are trying to, literally, consume!

I recall an interesting conversation I had in some small town near Nashik that I was visiting. One of our friends insisted on Coke when it was not available in the road-side shop.

"Saab, Coke nahin hein, Pepsi hein" (Sir, we don't have Coke, will a Pepsi do?)

Now this friend being very loyal to Coke thought it was rather embarrassing to have Pepsi in lieu of Coke, so he insisted, "Nahin, Coke hi chaahiye" (No, I want Coke!)

Much to my friend's dismay, the poor waiter-kid said, "Pepsi kyaa aur Coke kyaa, same hi to lagataa hein. Pepsi-Cola du?" (Pepsi or Coke - don't they taste the same? Shall I serve Pepsi-Cola?)

I couldn't agree more :-)

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