Sunday, May 07, 2006


Talking of walls between the nations crumbling?

Or the world being compressed into one little connected box called as computer, or be it the explosion of communication technology overloading us with information of the world. That's globalisation for you.

well, almost.

You must have come across many such incidents as follows the colon :

I am eating in a nice little restaurant on the CMH Road, Bangalore. I opt for Gujarati thali. The waiter relays the order to the kitchen in Tamizh while I am speaking to my friend in MaraaThi, and soon we are talking about how India has come closer...

Two MaraThi guys, in Bangalore, eating in a restaurant, land for which [probably] belongs to a Reddy, ordering a Gujarati Thali, the cook being a Tamizhian!

That's globalisation at all India level for you!

The thali was decent, by the way.

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