Monday, May 08, 2006

National Treasure

I at times want pure entertainment. By pure I mean, without slightest dose of preaching. And that's what I got after watching this film : National Treasure.

The film had all the entertaining values : nice, catchy storyline, very simple cast, not-so-dumb villain, fast pace of the script, and of course, a real treasure at the end [unlike Mackenna's Gold, where all that the hero gets at the end is one bag full of gold and the heroine]. Although there is a far-fetched theory of having a clue to the treasure written in invisible ink on the back of the original copy of Declaration Of Independence, it adds to the excitement.

Maybe you should go watch the film, and maybe I should not preach too much about the entertainment value of it. Do watch when you are bored of philosophical or high-tension drama films.

Or even otherwise also!

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