Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sir, pawn?

This incidence happened not so long in the past. And I won't be surprised if it happens again when one goes to the same restaurant for luncheon.

Well, it is office-paid meal, and [therefore] our team is ready to try out innovative [expensive] food preparations. The food is good, I must say. Worth the price.

When it is time to pay for the food, the waiter arrives, bows and asks, "Sir, pawn?"

We are confused at this. Why pawn when we can pay! We are quite capable of clearing the debt, that too, without using any of the credit cards. Chess? We are no game for pawn, no, not after a rather heavy meal. So, we excuse ourselves, "sorry?"

"Sir, pawn?" the waiter repeats himself, rather softly.

It takes five to ten seconds and a couple of glances at each other to finally understand what he means.

"Sir, paan?" is all he is asking, politely!

"Oh, yeah, why not!" it is an interesting prospect to top up the meal with a nice paan.

After a delicious paan, and payment of bill of course, the luncheon thus comes to an end...

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