Tuesday, March 14, 2006

If wishes were...

I must convey a loud THANK YOU to all those who sent in their best wishes on my birthday, and for the Gold medal etc.

There have been overwhelming Congratulatory and Happy-birthday messages over the past two days, either over email, or my phone or this place called as Orkut.

Just couldn't help but think that if wishes were horses, I would have owned a very grand horse-breeding farm, and won quite a few races ;)

Apart from that, there have been belated wishes and belated returns of the day etc. etc.

I have always got confused with such adjectives, "belated birthday wishes" - now, does that mean birthday is belated or the wishes are belated? Identical to the following scenario - fresh cow's milk - now, what does that mean? Milk is fresh or ...?

Never mind.

Kindly accept my bow, and (belated or otherwise) THANK YOU!

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