Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fly away home/office

Every day. I tell you, every day, I (and I am not the only one) have to find my way through the huge crowd of two/three/four wheelers to work, and back home from work. At times it gets terrible. And these times are not so rare.

Only the other day, I came across this shop - I forget the name (perhaps the Kormangala residents can help me) that sells, well, aeroplanes. I had never believed there could be such "showrooms," that too in an area called Kormangala. I thought buying an aeroplane would need hiring some top agents in their dark blue blazers and sunglasses and polished shoes and accent. But I was surprised: even a fellow like me in a modest T-shirt and chappals could just walk in (not that I did, yet, I could).

I wish I had enough money to buy one for myself. That way, I can fly to office and back, without the traffic hassle.

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