Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Meeting The Wall

No, when I mention The Wall, I am not talking about India Cricket Team's captain Rahul Dravid.

As a matter of fact, I am referring to the brick wall of drawing room. Yes, wall of drawing room of my house. And incidentally (or rather accidentally), I met with it yesterday night in what could be termed, an unforgettable encounter!

Last night, I called it a day and was ready to go to bed. Towards that effect, I switched off the light of the drawing room and started heading towards the bedroom.

Precisely two seconds later, I realised there was a thuddish sound that was generated and there were a few sparks that appeared in front of my eyes. BANG!

The next thing I remember is that I was holding my head in both my hands for a few seconds. After that I thought I was alright, shrugged it off as just another bumpy-ride and continued towards the bed. Five seconds later, I realised that it was more than that, as I felt some fluid coming down my nose. Precisely, at that instant, I realised that there was some activity just above my left eye-brow. When I touched there, and though I couldn't see it as the light was switched off, it was red in colour. And it was no less in quantity.

I sprang up and before I could get hold of some cotton, it was almost all over my face. I did three things - switched on the light, got hold of a decent quantity of cotton and searched for a mirror.

It turned out to be a nasty encounter with The Wall - and resulted in about 2-3 cm of a nice deep cut just above my left eye-brow.

Quite an eye-brow-raising incident, isn't it?

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