Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bird Flu

There is this theory floating around that, well, the bird flu has been here in India for a month now, the chickens have been dying (not the same chicken) since a long time. They have just kept quiet about it, and tried to suppress these sightings to keep the business going.

There is another theory that says, it's nothing but a hype made by foreign pharma companies to fuel the sales of anti-bird flu vaccines/medicines. Bird flu is not really a reality in India.

Such claims always remind me of typical Hollywood multi-national political thrillers. Or a typical Arthur Haley or Grisham books. Though hard to believe the scenarios in these fictions, they are quite entertaining all the same.

But it is always good to limit this entertainment to the stories and people living in those. It's no entertainment when such theories become realities. It is easy to come up with a spoof on such films but it is impossible to believe that such things could be practised in real life. Deaths could be acceptable only in stories, I guess, where people don't exist at all anyway.

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