Monday, February 20, 2006

Is it wrong to expect?

Recently I have found a new pass time. To call up the BSNL bangalore and ask them about the status of my dataone Broadband connection. This story is one month old now. And still growing.

Last saturday when the fellows came over to my house and 'installed' the ADSL modem, I thought, well, the wait is finally over. But as things turned out, it was far from it.

Now I have almost everything that it takes to connect. Well, almost. I have a telephone line that is functional, I have my office laptop, I have the latest cutting edge ADSL modem. What I lack is the username and password! When I asked those fellows about the password, they curtly replied, "Sir, our boss will personally come over and install it for you today evening," He was modest enough in saying that, before I said "No" to any monetary expectation he might have out of my kindness. I had already bribed those fellows when they came to install the telephone line. No more favours - once is good enough. Obviously, these guys were disappointed and enraged. But nothing doing there. I won't take any more such requests.

That's the story of last saturday. Two days have passed (and that includes one working day) but their boss has not had time to speak to me, neither he cared to answer to the office phone, which I kept pinging all day along.

When I finally got through to one operator, she said, she was helpless. Well.

I really feel disappointed by the ways in which things get carried out. I see so many different ways in which things can be done better. People seem to care at times, and most of the times they just don't care. I feel doubts at my own capabilities when they plainly ignore my say. I go back and check if anything was wrong. I find nothing. I feel enraged. I feel challenged.

I see this kind of anger growing everywhere. If I look closely at it, I find perhaps it's a problem in my expecting too much. But then, we are always striving for the better, aren't we? If we had been doing things the way we used to, say, ten years ago, we have wasted those ten years. It's this stretching of expectations that keeps everyone going.

And when I see it's not happening, it only adds to my dissatisfaction. I do not know who is at fault, who is right or who is wrong, but that doesn't stop it from happening.

I guess this experience is not limited to me or to this particular BSNL case. You take anybody - auto-driver to subji vendor, BSNL to road transport corporation. Everywhere you are sure to get such nasty experiences.

What's the way out of it?

I have quoted my experience, you may have come across such situations as well. What's your take on this?

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