Monday, February 20, 2006

Bard flew and other staff

Well, the bird flu seems to be back. Let me correct that statement- bird flu is back. Or shall I say the birds have been flying recently- migrating back.

As a result, they have stopped serving non-vegetarian food in the office cafeteria. That includes egg, chicken and fish (and hopefully any other non-veg contents such as ants, cockroaches etc) The question of the day has been this : "hey, do you know why they have stopped serving fish as well?" and obviously nobody has a definite answer to this.

As far as my tastebuds are concerned, I am missing fish - I never was a fan of chicken anyway, so no missing-you feelings there.

Now, I had a couple of speculations - the fish which they used to serve for lunch might have been fed on specialized fish food containing chicken. If that's the case, then the fish surely are missing the chicken in their food. And for sure, I am missing fish!

Other possibility could be that the chicken is fed fish as their staple diet. But unless there is something called as fish flu (I know fish can't fly - but then, if pigs could fly, why not fish?). And that doesn't make sense either - they anyway are not serving chicken.

So much confusion. All that's besides the point. I must dwell upon the curious title of this post too.

There is this good friend of mine in the office who is a Bengali. [The following are not generalised statements, so all those bengalis close to my heart, please take these on a lighter note :)].

I overheard this fellow announcing - "They have stopped serving chicken in the cafeteria. I think that's because bard flew."

I enjoyed my smile silently. Well, bards are different - of course bards fly in their imaginary world, but they sure do create most amazing creations of art. Who doesn't know William Shakespeare and our great cacofonix, the bard from great Asterix comics? These bards are legendary figures! Obviously, he meant bird by bard in this context.

There is another bengali friend of mine in office. While chatting over the internal messenger, one day, he asked me to send some staff on some tech-topic. I took my own time in decoding that he meant, some technical stuff in this context.

Such different accents do add to cheerfulness of the office. And I enjoy those at very best.

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