Thursday, January 19, 2006

Triple Hundred!

Sometimes I feel numbers are only for statisticians to churn, and come up with extravagant analysis, such as,

Over the last 34 years, the rainfall in the town of Rampur (there must be a number of Rampurs!) has remained fairly constant, with average of 232mm per year and a variance of 33mm.


In the jungles of Ranathabhor, yearly, 3445 deers are sighted on an average, with spotted deers dominating the statistics with a whopping 79% share.


The number of vehicles being transferred to the state of Himachal Pradesh is on a steady decline - from 12% of the total vehicles in 2001 to 7% in the year 2005.


The number of gas connections - or population of chimpanzees in Africa - or sales of laptops - or yearly consumption of cigarettes over the world - or you-name-anything and they can come up with numbers.

There's statistics in Cricket, there is statistics in five-yearly polls, there is statistics in almost 94% of things. And therefore, there is no reason why this blog should not have its own statistics. I thought today, the nineteenth day of the year 2006, was well-suited to write this post.

There is something special about this post - this is the 300th post that I have written. When I started on February 22nd 2003, I was aiming at one post per day, which was a purely imaginary goal! [ incidentally, 22 is a lovely number :) ] But considering it comes to around 100 posts per year, on an average, I have not done too badly as well...

Numbers, in such a context, are only numbers. Why did I choose to celebrate my 300th post is a good question - I could have celebrated my 297th post - and would have ended up in writing the same thing, as above, only 297 replaced by 300 and vice versa!

Nevertheless, the intent was to announce my triple century, and I guess I have taken approximately 34% more words than what I could have managed with ;)

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