Friday, January 27, 2006

Hiroshima mon amour

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Yesterday, I watched this 1958 movie - the translation (from French) is Hiroshima, My Love.

This is a strange love story. It hardly struck me that a film with "Hiroshima" might turn out to be a love story. The setting is that of Hiroshima, 15 years after the tragedy. A French lady, (un-named throughout the movie) is in Hiroshima on a shooting of a film on, what else, peace. She finds a Japanese gentleman and falls in love with him -spends a night with him. The film begins at this point.

The connection is that the lady had been in love with a German soldier, who is killed in the liberation during the last days of WW2. The lady is outcast from the society for such a crime. She can't overcome memories of her love and goes through pretty bad days. One fine day, she gets over the whole experience and decides to lead a new life and starts for Paris. She reaches Paris and the news of Hiroshima is all over the newspapers.

The Japanese gentleman who speaks French very well is fighting war outside Japan at that time - but his family dies in the Bombing.

The entire story takes place in Hiroshima (that too - it's only for 24 hours!) and it takes us through the grief of the Lady, her fight against time not to forget any of her sweet memories - a losing battle really- and the Japanese's love for the lady.

All in all, five stars! A must see.

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