Friday, January 27, 2006


I was lucky to get introduced to a machine called the computer at a very early age of 10 years. My father had bought his PC-XT, with 20MHz CPU clock and 20MB of hard disk space. These numbers look pretty paltry today, but at that time even such a mediocre computer must have cost him more than fifty thousand rupees. Of course, it was to be used for the office work, and not entirely for home-use.

I had my share of curiosity about the new machine. At that age, I did not even know English beyond, I am a boy and my name is so-and-so. As expected all my interest about learning to use the computer was limited to playing games. I would sit for hours together before my father would say, OK, now you can play for sometime. And I would spring from my chair-

With my tiny fingers, I would type,


And bang, it would be my happiest moment - trrrrr trrrrrrrrrr trrrrrr trrrrr the digger screen would come up with some flashy music, and I would get ready with my fingers placed on the arrow keys. The objective of the game was simple, to capture as many gold packets (and, some diamonds as bonus) before the nobbins could capture you. I remember there was some bonus, when nobbins would disappear and the whole mine was left to you.

I would play on and on, until my father actually scolded me to hurry up and shut down the system. That was some excitement, of course, only on Sundays!

Another such game was bricks - without letting the ball fall down, using a small, moving platform, we had to fall bricks. Each brick would give certain points. There was a special "black" brick, which when consumed would make the ball move faster! This was my second favourite game.

As the technology world advanced, faster computers and rich-graphics games became commonplace. I tried to run this same old digger on the new faster computer, but it did not work. The whole game became fast! I could hardly move a key before a nobbin would come and capture me! It was such a disappointment :)

Today, just out of curiosity, I was searching the WikiPedia on this. Seems like they have made amendments to the old digger so that it can be played on the new PCs. Here is one such version.

It reminds me of my childhood days and now I am almost hooked onto it :)

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