Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I forgot!

How many times have you forgotten to do your homework? And how many times have you been punished for the same? After reaching school you recall that - Oh, I was supposed to do so many exercises on page so-and-so, and oops, I have forgotten to do that. Now what should I say when teacher demands for the answers? Obviously, "I forgot". And she will reply, "Do you forget to have your lunch? Have you forgotten to bring your tiffin box today? Oh, when it comes to doing homework and studies, you forget..." Obviously, your pretending of having forgotten to complete the homework has failed miserably, or maybe you have really forgotten, but even that message has sounded like you are foolishly asking for excuses.

How about my solution here-

When your teacher asks, "Where are the answers son?", you should say, "What answers? Was there any homework due today?"

I think this is good enough to prove that you really forgot, and when the teacher brought up the topic, Oh, you remembered it!

How's that?

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