Monday, December 19, 2005

'Dead'ly House!

Of late, I have become a big fan of strange, horror, supernatural, thriller stories and movies. And as I enter my new house, I constantly have these things playing on my mind.

As of today, my new house could be used as a near-perfect setup for filming or living such a story. In the whole building (which has six houses in all) I am the only (living) person who is enjoying silent calmness of nature. In late evenings, at the fall of dusk, the wind blows and whistles past the living room. There is acute smell of paint all around, the floor is too cold for comfort, and a few bugs and spiders can be easily spotted.

That was only as far as the setting of the scene is concerned. Enter the sound effects. The streets are overflowing of stray dogs. And these dogs are not so friendly, at least to me who is a stranger to them. Later in the night when everything is so quiet, these creatures decide to hold inter-lane conferences on hostility. The debates get hotter by the hour and the sound level increases linearly on the logarithmic decibel scale. I have seen a poor fellow being attacked by a gang of seven in the wee hours of Sunday. That scared me enough. As the airport is close by, aeroplane traffic is heavy. That's the only man made sound I hear in the night besides harsh whistle of a train passing towards Whitefield: it is absolutely quiet otherwise.

All in all, it is a dream place for ghosts.

A couple of days ago, it was a full moon night, and that really added some value to the cause. I went up to the terrace, expecting to see a werewolf howling with the big moon on the background. Disappointed as I was not to find even a bat passing by, I came down only to see a lady in white clothing, walking alone into the night. I couldn't help but smile with satisfaction. Perfectionist as I am, I was not happy that she was not carrying any candle!

Maybe I should keep notes of such sightings and present a detailed analysis for the benefit of others. Yes, I should do that...

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