Monday, December 05, 2005

Bad Boys

Only the other day, I was watching this movie, "Patriot Games". The movie is based on Tom Clancy's novel by the same name. I have quoted a couple of links here, but that's not the point here at all.

In this typical Jack Ryan story, Harrison Ford, playing the good boy helps avert a disaster involving the royal family of Britain, and kills a couple of terrorists and injures one of them very badly. Now this badly injured terrorist is a key player in the IRA, who stares into the Hero's eyes threatening him, "You had it mate. You should have thought twice before doing that." The Hero returns his gesture firmly, but in my opinion, not so convincingly. After all, he has his family to take care of.

I guess one has been through a similar situation a positive number of times in his/her life. A bad boy does something nasty, and unluckily, you are not on his side, so you resist. You have your faith in truth and good, and you end up in resisting. It is very well appreciated etc. etc. but you see that you have invited a rage from the opposition party. You are not afraid, but at times, you are alone in the fight. There are a few moments of terror when you feel you shouldn't have done that deed, a feeling which you finally shake off, the power of your faith helps you do that. And it only makes your faith stronger in this process.

That's only at the personal level. This power of faith cannot help in the situation as such. You can't always take on the bad guys with this weapon. Yet, you carry on upon your path. What of it, if you be alone! And what of it, if the bad guys are not carrying guns, but only condemnable thought!

...And when I read Manju's story, the belief is only strengthened.


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