Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oh! This Material World!

It was a particularly remarkable evening. Perfect weather. British are always criticized for their over-mentioning of the weather, be it perfect or not. Yet, on this day even He was made to mention the weather. Comfortable, cool breeze, traces of white clouds, Sun about to set, everything just seemed to be perfect. He was looking forward to meeting Her. She was late, as usual, but not too late anyway. He enjoyed these short waits before he would see Her walking towards Him with that unbeatable smile of Hers. Today, everything was so perfect!

He had so many things on his mind to tell Her. He had so many ideas, so many things that could be done. And today was the day!

He even imagined Himself in the role of a top hero from some popular film, and Her in His opposite, made-for-each-other kind of role. He hired so many top actors and actresses that He was left with no finance to hire a villain. So, He skipped that idea.

He could see a hill far away, slowly disappearing in clouds. It was all lush green around : which was a bit of surprise, He couldn't find plastic waste anywhere. A beautiful place without stray plastic was a rare scene. He enjoyed it anyway and hoped it remained the way it was.

Soon the alert poet in Him got Him started. One after the other, amusing ideas started pouring, and He started singing His own creations. She was there somewhere, walking towards Him. She was perfectly late. But the cheerful smile on Her face was sufficient to buy an excuse.

"You are late!"

"I know :)"

"How beautiful is the evening. I knew someone was missing. Now, you come and you just made it even more wonde-"

"Yeah. I know."

"And did you see those clouds? Silver all above? With a golden ray--"

"Yes I sure did! And did you see the lake, with those calm waters.. I feel like throwing ston..."

"Such a good idea! Let's walk down there!"

"I am so happy today. It has been weeks since we met, isn't it?"

"Yeah, and such a nice place. Perfect weather, too!"

"You know what dear?"


"I wanted to tell you something, but I guess I forgot that"

"What is that? Tell me!"


"Tell me. Tell me."

"Seriously, I forgot. Can't recollect now. Let's forget it again, let's enjoy the evening I say!"

"No, tell me first, what is it?"

"I'll try to recollect and tell you. OK?"

"OK. See the fish in this lake? They are so lovely!"

"So are you :)"

"Hmm. And see the shape of that rock? Remember something?"



"Let's sit down here."

"It's starting to get dark, isn't it?"



"Blah Blah"


"Blah Blah"

"OK. Shall we leave now? I am getting late."

"As you wish M'm"

"Let's go then."


"Yeah, this way. Now, do you remember what you wanted to tell me?"

"ummm. What?"

"You told you wanted to tell me something."

"Oh. Yeah."

"Yes, do you remember what it was? Something important?"

"Must have been important, I guess"

"What's it. Tell me. Won't you tell me?"

"Yes. Now. I'll tell you!"

"Tell. tell. Please :)"

"I have to buy toothpaste on my way back home. I wanted you to remind me of that :)"

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