Wednesday, October 26, 2005

arey O Samba

Arey O Samba, kitney aadami the?



Apparently there is a new shop that has opened near the Mayo Hall, Bangalore. Now considering that Mayo Hall - MG Road is a hot area, this shop better sell or go bankrupt soon. Radio City is airing an interesting advertisement for this store, called Damas. At first I didn't quite get the name right, "The what?" was my reaction. Later it turned out to be, Damas.

Lady A is showing off her new necklace (or neckless?) to her buddy, lady B. obviously lady B grows envy, and asks where did she get this piece? "The-mass", replies lady A.

One should keep in mind that these two ladies are virtually NRI's and don't know much about the local grocery shop, but know where the local WalMart is in Bangalore.

Lady B can't believe her ears, "The-mass London? Dubai?? New York???", each questionmark receives a vociferous NO. Finally she is told "Damas-Bangalore," which is "10,000 sq. ft. of pure glitter".

Casually, lady B inquires, "Do we get everything we get abroad (read, our country) ?"

Now's the real punch: lady A clarifies, yes. Apparently she can choose among, umm, Gold, umm, diamonds, and what's that? yeah, Platinum. The tone of this reply is no different than, "yes- you can choose from aalu, kaddu, aur, apna pyaaz!"

I expected this advt to conclude with "O mere sonaa re sonaa re sonaa", but it is never played.

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