Friday, September 30, 2005

Nonsense : postscript

It gives me joy when I read my old postings, over and over. And sometimes the comments trigger a thought or two, and I find myself starting up yet another post. So far so good. No nonsense till this point.

When I read the "nonsense" post again, I realised I had made some subtle mistakes. Mistakes that even some of the critiques of this blog were unable to detect. Or even if they detected, they did not report them to me. So far so good. Not much nonsense till this point.

Now the [keen] reader may be wondering what this post is finally getting at, perhaps she has scrolled down for a quick look at the end and finally given up. Maybe I am bang on target in guessing the state of mind of the reader, but there is no way I'll ever know. I understand that the readers will not accept my success so easily. This post has reached a point where the reader is tired of this meta-post stuff and irritated that I am not getting to the point. But I can prove that this feeling of the reader is not justified. The reader has taken trouble to open up this site (unless he accidentally arrived on this page - my apologies!), and even after reading the title of the post, has decided to give me a break and read on. I know the reader is with me. So far so good. I have started with the topic the title describes.

The whole point of the previous "nonsense" article was to check if I could really write nonsense. And I have no regrets in accepting that I failed miserably. After that failure, I decided I needed to look closely and analyse the mistakes I made. Tell you what, it was the most difficult task. I rarely commit mistakes. I use spell-checker anyways and the possibility of a spelling mistake is close to a thousandth part of one by ten. Then it could have been grammatical mistake : which after refinement to the first rough draft, I had corrected long time back. What was it. It took me a long time to search. So far so good. I hope the reader understands my sincere urge to correct my mistakes.

Then one fine morning : that was today, I found out the mistake. It was so glaring. Yet so deeply hidden at the same time. The triumph after catching a bug or mistake is incomparable. Now I must let the reader know of it and claim my success in writing real nonsense. I declare myself a master of creative writing, in all aspects : be it imaginative, philosophical, scientific, romantic or even nonsense. So far so good. The reader is convinced I can write nonsense. So I am!

Well, now that this post is nearing its end and I have created enough background for the final punch, let me not waste any more words of wisdom. The mistake in the previous article on "nonsense" is as shown below in bold faced letters:

Fifth paragraph from the end, just above, "I wish I could speak"
wrong >> s22
correct >> s21

It really feels relieved after accepting and correcting grave mistakes. So far so good. But where is the reader? I am sure [s]he is looking at my previous article and reading it again with the corrected sentence in place!

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