Sunday, May 22, 2005

Can blogger be the answer?

I get amused by the number of people around me. Some of them, I know. And most of them I do not.

There is the juice-wallah. The tailer. The professor. The auto-rikshaw driver. The librarian. The sweeper. The office-boy. The student. The managing director. The begger.

These are all the occupations people assume - as masks over their personalities. Every personality has lived many years and more than that, many many experiences. Of happiness, of sorrow, of enjoyment, of agony. Of determination, of courage, of defeats, of indifference. And the person has learned through all of them. Or maybe unlearned the unwanted. For better or for worse. Every day, every month, every year has built a person from the person of the past.

What if they start telling their life-stories. Simple stories. Great stories. Ordinary-extraordinary stories. They may want to reveal everything or maybe, nothing in the end. Yet, what a collection it would be! The times, as they have been spent. One place, at one time, lives are burning with war. Another place, at the same time, life is blooming with love! Infinite, true stories.

Why not give people the platform they need. What medium other than the Internet can provide a better platform?

Can blogger be the answer?

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