Friday, May 06, 2005

कोरा कागज था यह मन मेरा...लिख दिया नाम उसपे...


Yes. That's precisely the number. I do not believe in any science (or ad-hoc methods) that co-relate a number with personality. Still it is interesting to see the number coming back, again and again. Here are some of the facts involving 13 and me :

I was born on Friday, the thirteenth.

In my first adventure in this competitive world, I grabbed rank 13 in the divisional board, in the SSC examination.

My telephone number has two 13's in it : 4+3+6 = 13 and 4+9=13, make up my "43649".

My room number has a thirteen attached to it : T 76!

Today I found my blog ranked at number "283" amongst the fellow indian bloggers.



I guess, in the end there will be thirteen such facts before the spell breaks!

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