Saturday, May 07, 2005

The ambulance


The whole evening it was raining. The streets were flooded with the muddy water that ran in no sensible direction. I clearly remember that particular evening, and that particular incidence.

"husssshhh, calm down. It's nothing. It'll be over soon."

An unknown face was trying to comfort me. I found myself lying flat on the stiff ambulance stretcher. I couldn't believe it. A while ago, I was riding happily to my place, almost riding on the clouds. The breeze was cool. The spring was in its full blossom. I could sense the jolly mood taking me over. And now I lay there, not knowing what suddenly transformed my cheerful world into this gloomy vehicle, -oh and and that deafening thunderstorm. Painful. But just why am I here? I felt as fit as ever. Nothing seemed out of place, except for the situation I was in. I was thinking clearly, so I concluded at least my brain was fine. I could move my limbs, I even tried too hard to move once and the attendant almost shouted at me. Or was I dead? I guess, I was little dizzy from such a bizarre incidence. The ambulance slowed down at the crossroads. From the wet, twinkling window, I could see that actually, there were no roads! In fact we all were flying. The time also was flying! Literally. I had finally met my fate finally, I thought. I thought that was the end of it. I was no more. But clearly, there was more to it. As I was hurried to the operation theatre...then what happened I can't remember, for I don't know.

When I remembered this incidence, the next minute, if not the next second, the alarm broke the silence...


As I remember this story, I feel better. For such things could be possible. And I may even escape this situation. Here I am lying on the stretcher of a speeding ambulance. The rain pouring down outside, beating hard on the street. Yes, even the attendant is trying to soothe me.

"husssshhh, calm down. It's nothing. It'll be over soon." didn't he say so, just a while back? My belief in the story is only strengthened by minute. Should I try to move my limbs for once? I try to look out of the window - what was the word that described the window? yes- "twinkling". Now I know why that exact expression was used. Do I feel dizzy? I am not quite sure, for I have never felt so in my life before. Oh, the ambulance is slowing down. As I look out, I fail to recollect what to expect. What are they going to do now? Going to rush me to the operation theatre? Am I getting that void feeling? Just as was described in the story? Or is there really something more to it? Hoping for the story that I have lived so far, to be true, I wait for the alarm to go off!

And precisely at that instant, one dreadful fact strikes me hard. All the hopes die. I know it : such stories cannot be true. Not that one corner of my mind was skeptical about strange stories becoming true, yet I could not give up hope. Besides, there was nothing else for me to believe in. I know it's all over.

The alarm cannot go off.

For I remember that I have forgotten to set it before sleep got better of me yesterday night!


It's really strange that I find myself thinking about this strange story. In such terrible situations? Can anyone imagine thinking about writing in an ambulance? But I do. As they rush me to the hospital, I think furiously. Thoughts crowd over my imaginary skies. I have written so many strange stories, involving strange incidences, why not make the most out of the situation I am living this very second? And I do precisely that thing. I complete it in my thoughts and decide to pen it down the first thing after the surgery that surely is going to take place once we reach the hospital...

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