Sunday, April 17, 2005


While reading "The Emporer's new Mind", I came across an interesting concept :

The question the author puts forward is that, is Physics not deterministic? Everything around us happens according to some laws. Is it not true if I say that some of the laws are not known to the human mind, and not that they don't exist. It is then just a matter of time before all such mechanisms are discovered.

I had attended a lecture on "Einstein - from antiquity and beyond". In that, the speaker explained how time and space are interwoven. One fact which he told, simply fascinated me - The orbit which the Earth traverses day in and day out is actually a curved path in space and time. Strictly speaking, the Earth always tries to move in a straight line, but since the time-space are curved, we think that it revolves around the sun in elliptic-circular track.

It is just a matter of discovery then, and not invention!!!

In context of "earthly" matters, yes. And in case of "heavenly" things, too :)

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