Monday, February 14, 2005

The world is pretty much the same...

The week-end has passed. And the world has not changed at all.

  • There is the same cheerful picture of Sania Mirza on the front page.
  • There still are the same number of potholes on the way towards the hostels.
  • In Bihar Laloo still rules the Rabri government.
  • In IISc the weather is as wonderful as it has always been.
  • Pieterson continues to hit centuries against SA.
  • My room bears the same look of untidiness as ever. And I care no less.
  • There is the same number of junk e-mails in the mailbox.
  • As an unusual phenomenon I hit 43* in a knockout match and helped CEDT through with the first round. The thunderous applause after the victory is the sa..

But no, it's not quite the same. For I have been reading one hell of a book. Yes. Finally I concentrated all my energy towards this book. Mr Howard Roark does not leave my mind. I guess there was no other way this book could have been written; but for AR's deeply profound and in a way, arrogant style. But it was to be written some day, there was no escaping that. The Fountainhead rules my mind and will continue to do so till I-don't-know-how-long. Maybe till I pick up Atlas Shrugged. And that would not be so long. The world will remain pretty much the same as it is today. As it is at this moment. Till I find myself humbled by the great mind of AR; yet again.

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