Thursday, October 14, 2004

Go to hell!

Occasionally I have cheerful conversations with my guruji : S Rangarajan, aka Ranga. On this particular day, he was seemingly upset with very short time he was left with to complete one of the (n) assignments. I happened to be around to help him out. He needed a few figures which I had already drawn. And he needed them desperately. I have one drive of my PC shared to all the CEDTians which contains such interesting data. At this time t , I was quietly breaking my head over the chat server program (one of the m assignments) and happened to be booted in Linux. Once on Linux, the windows partitions can not be seen on the network which was the chief reason for Ranga's frustration.

Now our guruji almost shouted at me, saying that I deserved to go to hell. And that's precisely what I did! I booted back into MS Windows :)

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