Friday, July 23, 2004

Des Troy

When I first watched the movie, I thought I should take out some time to write about it - it deserves some attention. But as happens with most of my to-be-posted ideas, that one disappeared. When I watched it for the second time today I decided to write about it right away, it just cannot be ignored like that.

Not that I have watched many tragedies, but this one sure ranks the best among those. The story by itself is solid and therefore must have posed a tough challenge to the script-writers and screen-play-makers. I thought they have made a very good show in the end living upto (my) expectations. The dialogues are crisp and they do sink into the minds slowly but surely. Slowly the mood is built up pacifying the storyline. Each and every character not Achilis and Hecter alone, but each and every character is given just about the required time to build into their personalities.

Achilis and Hecter are the heros of the movie. And as is supposed of us, (at least me for sure) we finally start disliking Achilis. His agony is understood at his loss of his cousin, but his anger at Hecter after that still cannot be justified. Special mention of Priam, the king of Troy must be made. "You are far better king than one that rules this army, " says Achilis, and says rightly so.

Lately, there is no holding back of money spent over movies, and in my opinion in case of Troy, this money spent is spent well.

I was searching for an online version of Illiad, but found "Tales of Troy" instead. It is available on (or mirrored on Project Gutenberg server).

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