Sunday, June 13, 2004

Such a Beautiful Morning

The Bangalore weather is at its best these days, and more so, since I am having time to enjoy it. My day breaks quite early, be it a wednesday or a sunday.

I do not like being woken up by the harsh sound of the alarm, so I outsmart it by switching it off even before it starts ringing. And that's the beginning to a fresh day! The badminton court awaits me. I start almost running towards it along the flower-clad road. The air carries the coolness of the night and is a bit lazy (like me) to warm up. The traffic is yet to pick up, and the road below the overbridge also seems to be enjoying the solitude. As always I am lazy to warm before getting to the court. I just try to hit a few shots out of the court to jerk off the stiffness still inside me. And then starts the real fun.

The "let's start's" and "love-all's" follow. "hoDi (hit) and "adhi" are being shouted and I am running to pick up that beautiful drop-shot. The centre court is alive with the crowd (mostly awaiting their turn and) supporting the players. The sweat continues and with every drop of it, the enthu doubles. Till it saturates at about 8:30, and I can take no more. I sit for two minutes, someday pondering about my performance and someday catching my breath. The sun is up and the winds are singing. The day's work is awating me. I come out of the Gymkhana. Completely drenched in the sweat, gush of the wind hits me. "Such a beatiful morning" I say. And quitely, enjoying the wonderful morning, I walk back to my room.

And as always, I feel very very lucky to have got the opportunity to study in the IISc.

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