Saturday, January 10, 2004

Saturday morning fever!

Got up on a lovely saturday morning which just got better with the news that I was to play in the CEDT 11 against Rest Of IISc. " The rest of IISc " concept is around since no single department could get 11 to play at the same time.

The game started with us asked to bowl. As one could imagine, the IISc pitch was laid out to help batsmen. We toiled on for about 15 minutes when the first breakthrough came through in the form of a simple catch to me(w/k). The second wicket partnership was posing quite a challenge as the destiny struck again causing mix-up and in turn a simple run-out. The RoI never looked in its spirit after that one. One after the other all the players followed each-other's trail back to the pavellion. 86 all out in almost 15 overs!

Myself and Mahabaleshwara were asked to open the batting and play sensibly, at the same time gather as many runs as possible. I was almost out of my mind when I pulled a juicy short ball to square leg through air. Lucky as I was always going to be throughout, the ball landed just far from the fielder, and ah-crossed the boundary. A boundary to start with - that was cool. Then I decided not to give many chances and played sensibly, holding onto the expectations of my captain. The runs were coming very easily as the bowling lacked speed, line, length, curve, and what not! We were merrily marching towards first fifty-runs partnership. On the course Mahabaleshwara hit a boundary or two to keep our squad in the pavellion cheering. I also tried my skills with a flick on the leg-side and a risky late cut. I was living dangerously you know, I was dropped at least 4 times, with caught off a no-ball once :)
After Maha got out, I decided to go after the bowling and finish the game ( we were some 20 short that time). Nithin and myself, without any further damage completed the formalities, and shook hands with the fellows.

And now I just can't wait for the next match!

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