Tuesday, January 27, 2004


I have never quite enjoyed the physical structure of any of the five different hostel rooms I have stayed in since my first year at COEP. The very thought of a hostel room brings bed-bugs, dirty,unlit toilets, and not-functional fans, plug points etc to my mind.

But no more so.

I am all set to shift to the new hostel room at IISc next sunday. The above mentioned thought have disappeared since I last visited a "sample' room last week. The list of the facilities goes like this
01. Phone
02. Internet connection
03. TV connection
04. Spartan tiles (like those in TI office)
05. Designer wooden furniture (even my desk at TI was not upto this mark)
06. Balcony for each and every room.
07. Special lamp in the balconies.
08. Quite impressive wardrobe.
09. Put-the-key-in-the-switch-to-light-up-the-room.
10. Solar heaters.
11. Shower in the bathrooms.
12. Automatic water pumping scheme.
13. Messes at about 200 mts from the room.
14. Ample parking space in the basement.
15. Breathtaking view of the IISc jungle from the terrace.

Sounds quite good doesn't it??

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