Monday, June 22, 2015

A dip to the past

The water is clear and moderately rapid in patches. The river is calm and quite welcoming. Almost asking me to give up fear and give in. I consider the jump for some time. Then I oblige after watching others taking a leap.

As I jump in the cool water, in the next couple of seconds the past flashes by. Water gushes into the eyes, ears and throat. Thoughts choke for a while, which seems like eternity. The life jacket pulls me up after more than eternity and I can breath again. I can resume thinking. I realize this is not the first time I have experienced it. I recall this from many years ago when I learnt to swim. Clear as sunlight.

I spend next thirty minutes reliving the experience. Trying to swim forward and backward. Letting the water into nostrils, allowing it to deafen me momentarily.

As I drag myself out, the chill brings me back to the present.

By and by it has been more than water therapy. It has been a ride to the past!
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