Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little sweet flower
hasn't lost its fragrance -
nor the memories

Continuity of ant-line
seems broken
at the sugar-crossing

Why I love writing (or at least to try writing) such three-liners is, unsurprisingly, a mystery. Well, not really. I will not be arrogant to call my such endeavors as Haikus, for they need to follow a lot of rules. At the same time, I will not shy away from trying to create something that fills me with joy. Thinking and coming up with such experimental word-plays isn't that difficult. My only criterion of success is that such arrangement of words should make the reader paint a picture that is enjoyable. In a way, I take it as a challenge to be as frugal at use of words as possible and yet describe a scene as best as possible.

I have tried many such three-liners, mostly inspired by nature, and how nature connects to emotion. I could explain in details each one of them, but that would defeat the whole purpose and destroy its beauty (if any, in my writing's case).

And perhaps that's why the Japanese invented and mastered that art  - in a truly Zen way!

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