Saturday, February 11, 2012


Interesting facts and analysis of Facebook's imminent foray into the Market by The Economist: Here.
Alert readers must have noticed that I chose to share it only on my blog page and not on Facebook!

Aside, of late I have observed Facebook (of course courtesy of its users) has turned into a 'forward'ing tool. There was a time (not so long ago) that I'd delete most of the forwarded emails containing childish photos, propaganda messages, optical illusions and stale jokes. Facebook now reminds me of that. Just goes on to show it's not trivial to create 'content'.

With that, I have made a note for myself to reduce time spent on Facebook and invest it into something more creative somewhere else (like, here on blogger or reading a physical book!).

Surely there is a world waiting beyond Facebook and I surely can do better in those average seven minutes (refer to Facebook stats).


Sheetal Kamat said...

In my opinion every thing can be done positively if you accept it with its negative points and somehow avoid them.. Well for me after i learnt to ignore those forwards or say read only that interested me enough, facebook is really a good social experience.. I get to know about friends whereabouts, some amazing pictures.. Because hidden in those forwards there is 2% good material too :)

Ajit said...

I wish I could get to that 2% material without spending 7 minutes on FB :)

I agree, it's about the usage of the tool and not the tool itself. Having said that, I'd still contribute to my blog page more than FB :)