Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Writer's Block

Agreeably, the activity on this particular blog has been very quiet for more than a month now. And it has taken a good friend's nagging scrap for me to make some move. Intertia, was more of the reason than lack of ideas. Yet, it's no wonder that the first Law Newton came up with was to explain Intertia: An object tends to be in its present state unless a force opposing that state is applied! I guess in my particular case, my friend's pushing force was enough :)

But a deeper and philosophically engrossing question remains yet. And that is, what to write (far less philosophical than why to write). It's quite likely that this very question kept me away from this world of letters for a while.

I thought, well let me write down n number of excuses for not taking the time out to write! How's that for irony?!

(1) There are many distractions:- These distractions can include absence of electrical energy at our energy starved houses, especially when in the spur of that (dark) moment you have summed up a fantastic sentence, which can't see the light of the day in this Internet-age. Another example of distraction is that of nagging salesmen (and saleswomen, more importantly) or those cycle-peddling old-newspaper buyers, who, on many a quiet afternoon, wake me out of pleasant dreams, robbing the world of magnificent works of fiction. On the brigher side of matters, never-ending sequence of telemarketing calls on my cell-phone seems to have finally ended.

(2) Happenings in this material world are better left undocumented: Be it the matter of shoe-throwing competitions being held around the world or banks making telephone calls to customers asking to lend money at low interests, I guess many things are better done than said. So, why take trouble on commenting on these!

(3) Lack of quality topics to blabber on: The very fact that I am seeing the light of a day on which I have to write about why I don't write is indicative of how fast the world of thought is shrinking. Take a cue from the global slowdown, I guess it's hitting the slow world of thought very hard, as well. Only the other 'quality' topic other than this I had was: "Oh, how I hate to shave!". Thin-n-light, evergreen topic of "Bangalore Traffic Situation" reached me last, as expected!

(4) Enough is Enough: When it rains, it pours, they observe. I had accumulated a feeling of, "I have written enough." I guess, I needed some time to drain out that feeling, before I started on accumulating again. (on a side note, the truth is: Enough Is Never Enough, ref-- "There is enough in this world for everybody's need, but not enough for everybody's greed," ---MKG). 

(5) Many unknown reasons: (on account of being unknown, I won't be able to elaborate those, pardon me!)

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Sagar said...

Does that mean you are going to stop writing for some time. :) Please dont do so.