Monday, April 07, 2008

Some humour precipitated during the day---

  • On the roadside, a sign reads "Huge Moving Sale ---->": Obviously, something to run for, as the sale itself is advertised to be moving.
  • "Oh, long time, my friend! I think your voice has changed!" a friend is excited. "No mate, it must the new phone I bought yesterday," I say in the same breath.
  • The tandoori chicken we had for lunch barely looks tandoori-ed. It is wearing pink colour; and I mention to a friend (she, just a minute back was cribbing about too many artificial colours being used in the Indian restaurants around here), "When was Holi? Last week, the leftover colours are showing!" "EEEEk!" she frowns. And another friend wins the battle of wits, "Or maybe the chicken played too much colour!"

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