Saturday, April 12, 2008


The burning issue of the day is that of the flame. And it's no ordinary flame, mind you. It's the spirit that started long before started to count the A.D. years; it's the spirit that keeps a marathon-runner running; and of course it's the spirit that keeps our bodies healthy! The spirit of sports; and the flame symbolizes it.

I have been tid-bits here and there, watching short news snippets on how certain people are opposing the behaviour of the nation that is supposed to conduct the games later this year. The political drama continues to amuse me. The logic (or rather the lack thereof) puzzles me as I read more words about it.

Or maybe, my simple logic gets lost in the complexities of the political order of this world: Tibet and The Beijing Olympics are altogether different objects. I do not have the competency (neither the passion/interest/knowledge) to make any comments about China-Tibet issue; so I'll pass on that. I'd rather focus on Sports and its great history. It's the Sports that keeps me going (and the fact that all sorts of sports are actively played and followed indicates that certainly I am not alone on that front). (and for some people it's politics that keeps them going!)

I am all for a great competitive games at Beijing. I want to see all events closely contested, new records created, and medals distributed to winners. The protests, if at all, should be made by the protesters in absentee! I am sure there are enough sports enthusiasts in this world who will follow the games.

To all who are by now thinking, I am behaving pro-China, I have another simple logical question to offer: When the Beijing was awarded to be the Host city for this year's Olympics, were there any protests? I don't think so. The Tibet issue is alive since I have been in existence; then why disrupt the games by making them political ammo now? It's a rather obvious case of opportunism.

I suggest the protesters to de-link the games from Tibet issue. Let the games go on peacefully, I say!


sweet kandy said...
Maybe so that the deaf can hear? Aani dusaryaancha to opportunism aanee aaplaa to Ganimi Kaawaa, ase kaa?

Ajit said...

Who said aaplaa to ganimi kaawaa? Aapla paN opportunism ch!

sweet kandy said...

Blasphemy !!! :)
Mhanje Shivaji Maharaj aanee Bhagat Sing eka sarvasamanya terrorist peksha wegle navate kaa?

Ajit said...

The main topic of discussion is getting sidelined (I should have realized that after the first comment!)

For an unbiased historian, violence=violence. For an individual for whom I guess it's but natural to take advantage of hind-sight, voiolence can be fight for freedom or terrorism. Just depends on which side you're on! And that's that.

Let the games proceed peacefully, I say!

sweet kandy said...

I agree to the point that the main topic is getting sidelined.

But violence!=violence dude,and especially for a historian, cos history is not just a count of the dead.

Maybe we shall take it up at a later date and time and suitable platform,eh?