Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A shocker!

Well, I guess, just going by the title of this post the reader must have prepared herself for one :-)

I would not be exaggerating if I say, entering the United States of America for the first time has to be a shocking experience for the individual under travel. At the same time, I must however add that it could be equally (or worse) shocking if the person happens to be traveling to the Europe as well.

Now, I know, the italics above need some explanation.

The world calls the 'States' a dynamic nation: in terms of the economy (!), social and political thought, and what not. But as far as my first impression counts, I found it pretty static. I mean, wherever I went, I would accumulate this static charge on my body, boots and clothes. This so-called charged up body of mine would then dispose itself of this wealth accumulated over the period; giving me sense of a shock. For almost a week I must say, I felt touched by this new environment, yet I was scared to touching everything (including a file in UNIX environment!). Sooner than I thought, I got used to the conditions; and the impact has been on decline of late.

And that's why, gentlewomen, (and gentlemen, too) I must say that the experience around here is quite shocking.

Or maybe I should have been more careful in my approach, and should have mentally prepared for it: Yes. I must have held my head high, and yet kept my humble feet rooted to the ground realities!

In any case, until I got used to it, it indeed was a shocking experience!

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Milind said...

were u ec-static upon reaching?