Monday, January 21, 2008


The Perth Test victory has been termed as one of the greatest ever for the nation. Many experts believe that it's an unbelievable feat achieved by the Indian team.

To me, the following strike the most [and if these match with the experts' opinions, I'd count it as a plus for me :-)]
  • The victory belongs to the whole team. Each and every player of the team had his moments and made sure that he played a part. An exception may be Jaffer's performance, but let's discount that.
  • Ponting's give-up against Sharma reminded me of that great over sent down by Flintoff! We have already started calling Sharma as India's McGrath (who can bat!). This kid is fast, and if he can manage his injuries well, he can be the next J Srinath!
  • Kumble's jump-in-the-air celebration immediately brought out smiles, as a disappointed Symonds looked on.
  • RP Singh's stint with the bat proved to be crucial. Singh-Laxman stand almost matches with the margin of the victory.
  • Umpiring standards improved to a better level, and significantly, neither sides had any comment to make against Bowden or Rauf.
As it happens time and again, every victory is (only) cheered for and every defeat calls for serious analysis. Scarcely have I seen analysis of victories [maybe I need to read the Aussie defeat analyses :-)] in as much detail as for defeats.

Another thing to note is that (sadly?) there will always be pessimists breathing fire. Even in defeat or victory, they will present sadist arguments. I wonder, why they do not want to believe in victory when it has already been achieved!

I also do object to the argument of "isn't it enough of money and attention given to cricket? How about other sports now [that our cricketing heroes have lost again and again?]". It defies logic. Or may be my own logic is at fault: If a team is losing, isn't it prudent and important that we provide more attention to it? When a team is winning, then, I'd imagine that it's time to move on to other sport and conquer that! What say?

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