Thursday, January 03, 2008

Crownless shall be the King

I am back again with stray thoughts on the hot topic of the fortnight: Cricket!
  • On first two days, best parts of play, interestingly, came after lunch: during the first hour. India took five wickets on day one, and today, Laxman was all over the Aussies; creaming short ones, full ones, bouncers, and good length balls too!
  • Day's best placard from Sydney read: "Steve Bucknor, we want you on our team!"
  • Ian Chappel, at times, gets on your nerves. The reason has to be this: he talks Truth! And it's bitter many a times.
  • There is only one player in the world who can flick an outside-the-off-stump-good-length-delivery to midwicket for a four. And I am glad, he is an Indian!
  • Ricky Ponting showed his bat to the umpire while he was being adjudged leg-before. I wonder if he would have done that when he nicked Ganguly through to Dhoni's gloves.
  • Dhoni deserved better and a referral to the Third Eye when he cleverly took off the bails of Symmonds. Fortune, as they say, doesn't favor the innovation all the time!
  • Whatever criticism this slow approach of Dravid's has invited, one thing shines through: he is still there. Batting and battling. Soon he will re-gain is form and as the title of this post suggests, Crownless shall be the King!
... to be continued!
  • Four years on, and SCG hasn't changed a bit for VVS. A very well deserved century for him. Hoping, he makes it bigger! This guy relished Aussie attack [ala Obelix v/s Romans ;)]
  • Oh, and India, yet again, seem to have thrown away the advantage. Now with the bat though.

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