Friday, October 26, 2007


The traffic has been pretty bad over the last few days. Well, that doesn't mean that the traffic has been pretty good before that; yet, it has been particularly bad over the last few days.

The trick that our organization played to avoid rush hours has been copied widely by other organizations in the neighborhood and we have lost our differentiating advantage. We are feeling frustrated like a magician would, if his best kept secret trick (which was slightly tricky!) has been cracked and relayed to the public via unsolicited phone calls.

The rain is not helping much. It is helping people to synchronize their travel schedule by arriving at regular intervals and catching the two-wheel stranded in a kilometer of bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The weather department is not helping either-- they are constantly predicting rainy weather with highest confidence. The weather-predicting super computers have grown up agonizingly fast and their old-age is nowhere in sight.

The road conditions are deteriorating at highest rates of depreciation in the history. Worse, there is no government to blame. We cannot blame our president who's currently ruling this state, because she has other more important matters on her hand than minding the stray good patches on long, busy Bangalore streets.

Despite the traffic, today I was treated to a delicious sight. Office seemed ~5kms away in space and ~30minutes in time, and I was trying to construct complex UNIX commands to solve a simple differential equation in my mind, when I saw a policeman. What the hell is this guy doing here doing nothing? I was about to ask him this straightforward question, when I realized that it would be needless.

It was no use asking this to him, for like me, he too was riding on this two-wheeler of his, wondering, when the hell he will reach place of his work!

I didn't fail to see a positive side of the whole gloomy, rainy situation: this police-gentle-man was wearing his helmet with pride.


Sagar said...

I heard its Traffic Police day today.. Good post on this day !!

Ajit said...

If you ask me, it's Traffic's day everyday... It's just just that one day be reserved for the Traffic police too :-)

Sagar said...

Very True..