Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fish out of (coconut) water

I generally don't make faces when being photographed. On this particular occasion, on our way to Shimoga, when we stopped by a small tea-n-coconut-water shop, I was had by an unknown force; which made me raise my eyebrows by almost 2cm, and precisely at that moment the shutter opened and closed. In this particular case, the smiles arrived after the photo was taken :-)

On our way along the beach, we found one (already dead, may his soul rest in peace) fish. Going by its tiny size, and ever so soft skin, it was tempting to do a Dil Chahta Hain with it. The fish was so tiny, that I did not need any trick-trick to get snapped. Had others not complained that they wanted to take snaps in a similar pose, I would have had it myself!

Thanks to Piyush to have captured these memorable moments on digital media!

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