Saturday, September 08, 2007

Out of Country experience

Nine years ago I left my hometown for Pune. Five years ago I moved by base from Pune to Bangalore.

A few hours from now, I am leaving for Malaysia (hang on, only for a couple of days!).

Only thing I know about Malaysia is "Malaysia - truly Asia," that hum-able jingle. Although I am not going with tourism as the purpose (it's an official visit, with a few sights on the offering when time permits!), I am still looking forward to that out-of-country experience.

I have never been out of this country before, but then, till six months ago, I had never flown in my life. New destinations keep coming, and it's best to keep accepting.

Only means of travel remaining are by sea and of course, by a spaceship (not to mention a submarine and a glider!). Maybe someday, those opportunities will come my way, or maybe never.

Anyway, for the time being, I am off to my preparations (or whatever is remaining of it).

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