Saturday, September 01, 2007

Novak Djokovic

Last night I slept a little upset. It was quite late in the night and [still] Novak Djokovic was fighting it out with Radek Stepanek. Sometimes I hate surprise packages. That does not mean that I did not enjoy Stepanek's serve-and-volley, but deep in my mind I just wanted Djokovic to win. I have seen many a surprise packages who cause huge upsets, and in the next game bow out quite tamely.

At times I feel it must be really frustrating on part of the superior players. One bad day and you go out. The next day, things turn normal, and your surprise victor crashes out without impressing the scorers!

And that's why when I gave up watching this first round match, with the Serb 2 sets to 1 down, I was worried.

Today, the US Open website brought smile on my face as I saw the victorious Djokovic's snap on the front page. The match lasted 4 hours 44 minutes, and went to last-set-tiebreak. It must have been a hell of a match, but in the end, my player won. And that's why the smiles!

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Anonymous said...

Djokovic will be no1 5 years.
Go Jocker :)

Miranda from Australia