Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sugata Sanshiro and Rashomon

Akira Kurosawa's films have always amused me beyond compare. My experience has been that I am amused more after the film is over rather than when I am actually watching it.

The same happened yesterday: after reading Kurosawa's autobiography, for long I was searching for two films: Sugata Sanshiro and Rashomon. I tried multiple music/video stores in multiple cities, but to no avail. And on a fine day that marked completion of my 5 years stay in Bangalore, I stumbled upon these two films, a place which I had never dreamt of finding those at.

The Internet itself! Apparently, the Japanese government has ordered to open up the collection of movies prior to 1950s as public domain property. Google video has many versions of this film (with and without subtitles etc.). I wasted no afternoon time in watching the former and no late-evening time in watching the latter.

You can find those two films here and here. Adding the two, it's around three hours of excellence, packed in about 2GB of bandwidth. So, if you're planning to make use of your broadband bandwidth that'll lapse on the month-end, nothing can be a better choice than watching these two films.

The two films deserve separate post-review, which I'll try to do over the next few days (if it does not happen over the next few days, I doubt if it'll ever happen).


coolsail said...

Pick up Der Untertang (The Downfall). Its a serious bit of Cinema about the final days of Hitler.
You will love it.

Gaurav said...

Good ..
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