Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What am I doing?

There can be hundreds and thousands of answers to the above question. Some generations ago, nobody would have imagined that there would be a website in the world wide web that facilitates public announcements of what certain persons were doing presently to amuse themselves (if there were no Internet, would people indulge in an entrepreneurship-venture created a telegram based, "What am I doing?" organization?).

But today, it's possible. People (at least those who are connected to the Internet) do want to take time out to check what some person Y is up to right now; and also disclose their present activities. Twitter, seemingly a new craze is just that. And it's not just about (t)witty posts like, "Minding my own business," or "typing these very letters". It's about letting the world know what you are doing.

I am amused that there are people who keep going back to this site and update their endeavors as they happen; and also check what their friends are doing (if at all they have belief in people actually scribble there what they are up to). I will be further amused if this website thrives over time and it'll be really interesting to see what uses people find with it.

As of now, what am I doing? "Just thinking about that new website, called Twitter; and if at all I have to post something about what I am doing, what should I write!"

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