Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hands up Roma (f)or ManU will shoot!

Manchester United 7 - AS Roma 1. The impressive scoreline speaks a lot about the top English team. With this solid victory over their Italian guests, ManU have stormed into the semi-finals of the Champions League 2007.

At times, it was looking like they would score a dozen goals. Perhaps those were shoot-at-sight or shoot-at-will orders from their coach Sir Alex Fergusson! No wonder at the end of 90 minutes they have found themselves on seventh heaven.

Update: Chelsea have managed to beat Valencia in their own backyard by 2-1 and they form the second English team to find a place in the semi finals. With Liverpool well placed to reach the semi finals, it can be said without apprehension that this year the English clubs have dominated the European footballing world. With Tottenham battling it out against Sevilla for a place in UEAF cup semi finals, it may be even a sweeter year for the English clubs!

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