Thursday, March 01, 2007

'Poor' show?

Budget is anti-inflationary in more ways than one. --- Dr Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister.

It is a timid budget...he chose to lose the golden opportunity--- Yashwant Sinha, former Finance Minister

Disappointing as it has not tackled inflation and employment adequately--- Prakash Karat, General Secretary, Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Amazing, isn't it? Just see the difference in the comments from various political leaders and former and present high office holders!

I guess the job of Finance Minister can be as tough as it can get. I thought this was something like the general remarks about a compere (whoever that poor soul would be) who would host the college's social gathering; or the job of general secretary of the college, whatever (s)he'd do, (s)he would never ever get consistent words of praise! I guess it was the challenge of satisfying around a couple of thousand students with extreme differences in characters and attitudes.

In case of the Finance Minister, we are talking about more than one Billion people. No wonder the reactions are so varied!

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