Thursday, March 22, 2007

Give us liberty or...

Of late it has come to my notice that my shoes are not behaving themselves. Whenever I am driving, eating my lunch or even relaxing/stretching in my office chair for a while, they seem to be at work, which at best can be described as nuisance. The old pair seems to have grown tired of me. In their younger days when they wore a shiny look, they used to behave. But no more so.

Invariably, after a longish lunch, having washed my hands I have to tie the laces. Initially I thought somehow the lace was cutting loose, and never thought it as mischief on my shoes' part. Nowadays, it has become a routine that I finish lunch, wash hands and before lining up in the queue for water, I tie back the laces.

I wonder if this is the effect of aging or if these guys wants the tiny openings stitched or even a complete overhaul.


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